Flight Info

How to be prepared for your flight:

  1. Read this website. At the very least read this page, “Pricing“, and “FAQ’s” pages in their entirety. Seriously, if you read this entire website, you will have answers to all of your questions, and you’ll know what to expect. It takes an average of 18 minutes to read this entire website. To which you might say “Why is it so important for me to read your website?”. Here’s the reason: The formula is… Book online, read the website, follow the instructions, show up for your flight, and have a great time.
  2. When scheduling your flight. Provide us with a cell phone number, not a landline. Have your cell phone with you the morning of your flight.
  3. When scheduling your flight. Provide us with an email that you actually use. Check your email at 8:30pm, the day before your flight, for updates, from us (flight status, meet time, location…).

When and where to meet:

  1. We meet at, or just before, sunrise. Sunrise changes by a couple of minutes everyday. Check your email at 8:30pm, the day before your flight, for the “official” and definitive meet time.
  2. We meet, launch, fly, and land in Candler, NC. Candler is about eight miles west of downtown Asheville. Check your email at 8:30pm, the day before your flight, for the address, for where we will meet.

When and where we launch:

  1. We typically launch thirty to sixty minutes after sunrise.
  2. The launch site is determined the morning of by our pilot(s). Sometimes it is necessary to evaluate multiple launch sites to determine where best to launch from. If a launch site is not suitable (weather conditions, poor direction), we may relocate to different site.

How to dress:

  • Dress for the low temperature of the morning.
  • Dress in easy-to-shed layers.
    • It will get warmer as the morning progresses.
    • It is warmer in the sky, than on the ground.

What to wear:

  1. Long pants. We sometimes land where there are briars, and brush.
  2. Light hiking boots, or tennis shoes. Do not wear high heels, we may have to walk some.
  3. A hat. To shield your head from the radiant heat of the burners, and direct sunlight.

What to bring:

  • Sunglasses, camera, sunscreen, bottled water, and a snack (granola bar or banana).

What to leave behind:

  • Pets, drugs & alcohol, large backpacks, large purses.

How to contact us:

  • By email. We are very responsive by email.

How we will contact you, the morning of your flight:

  • If necessary.
    • We may text you, on your cell phone.
    • We may email you.
    • We may call you, on your cell phone.

The morning of your flight; order-of-events:

  • Arrive thirty minutes prior to our scheduled meet time. So that you may:
    • Order breakfast. We meet where there is coffee, food, and restrooms.
    • Make use of the last indoor restroom of the morning.
    • Ready yourself for your forthcoming adventure.
  • Meet time:
    • Be ready for departure.
    • Find, or be found by our bus driver.
    • If we are unable to fly please email us, let us know if you prefer to reschedule or receive a full refund, and we’ll get you taken care of.
  • Departure from the meet spot:
    • Board the bus. You have about a 10 to 20 minute drive to the launch site.
    • Sometimes it is necessary for us to relocate to a different launch site due to weather conditions.
  • Arrival to the launch site.
    • Passengers are welcome to (but not expected to) participate in setting up the balloons. This is a great photo op!
    • Exit the bus. Walk onto the launch field. Engage in revelry. Help with the set up. Take pictures. Enjoy.
    • Eventually you will hear the burners, and the balloon(s) will begin to stand up.
    • Please make your way over to the basket to receive instructions on how to board, and exit the aircraft.
  • Boarding the aircraft:
    • Please await invitation, from your pilot, to board the aircraft.
  • Once onboard the aircraft:
    • Do not exit the aircraft without first securing permission from your pilot.
    • Standby for your passenger briefing, and launch.
  • Launch:
    • Expect to be in the air for forty-five to sixty minutes.
    • Some flights are shorter than forty-five minutes. Some flights are longer than sixty minutes. Every day is different. Flight duration is beyond our control.
  • Landing:
    • Listen for instructions from your pilot.
    • Stow your technological devices. You may need both of your hands for the landing.
    • Remain in the basket until instructed by your pilot to get out.
  • Exiting the aircraft:
    • We often land on private property, please stay close to the basket.
    • Please do not photograph peoples homes, or vehicles.
    • Remember… It’s early, landowners may still be asleep.
  • Packing up:
    • Passengers are welcome to assist with the pack up (but not expected to). Pack up usually takes about 20 minutes. In rare instances pack up may take longer.
  • Board the bus:
    • You have about a ten to twenty minute drive back to your car.
    • Bask in the excitement of your newly acquired experience of adventure, you’ve earned it!